Chemical processes and impacts on ozone formation of peroxyacetyl nitrate in high-altitude background atmosphere of Central China

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This project focuses on chemical processes and impacts on O3 formation of PAN in high-altitude background atmosphere of Central China. The scientific questions in relation to (i) Chemical processes of PAN under high-altitude meteorology and high biogenic emissions; and (ii) Role of PAN in regional transport of O3 and transfer of atmospheric oxidation capacity will be answered. Field observation of PAN will be carried out at Shennongjia that is known as “Roof ridge of Central China”, and in-situ modelling of chemical processes and regional transport modelling will be performed. The objectives are to determine the concentrations and sources of PAN in both the boundary layer and free troposphere, reveal the chemical processes of PAN at the level of radical chain reactions, and quantify the impacts of surrounding city clusters on O3 pollution and atmospheric oxidation capacity in Central China through PAN transport.
Effective start/end date1/01/2331/12/25


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