Battling China’s Childhood Myopia Epidemic: A pragmatic prevention strategy using the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research

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Given the pandemic-exacerbated difficulties moving forward with screen and home worktime reductions, outdoor time has become a pivotal modifiable factor for preventing myopia.

The objectives of study are to (1) facilitate a better understanding of factors impacting outdoor time for myopia prevention by determining the adequacy of past research conducted across CFIR domains; 2) use underutilized national level data on myopia to delineate the modifying effect of individual, family and environmental factors on the relationship betwwen outdoor time and myopia, and 3) determine setting-and population-based implementation factors in the STORM outdoor time trial.

This study will produce a body of knowledge of CFIR use in the field of implementation concerning to myopia prevention. Recommendations for myopia prevention will result in successful implementation of comprehensive and integrated approaches to eye health among Chin’s children and adolescents.

Effective start/end date1/01/221/12/24


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