ATI Summer Seminar in Asian Philosophy and Scholasticism, 2023: Neo-Confucians and Scholastics on Practical Reasoning, Deliberation, and Choice

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    ATI Summer School Purpose and Aims: to acquaint scholars of Asian philosophical traditions with scholastic thought, both in its original sources and in contemporary discussions incorporating appeal to scholastic philosophy, as well as to acquaint those interested in scholastic thought with Asian philosophical tradition in the same way. This seminar is intended to provide a primer for graduate students on the views of the scholastics and Neo-Confucians concerning practical reasoning, deliberation, and choice, hoping to pave the way for fruitful philosophical dialogue between these important traditions by bringing together students working on projects in Asian or medieval philosophy, ethics, and metaphysics. Preference will be given to those students already working on issues associated with the theme of the seminar.
    Effective start/end date13/07/2320/07/23


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