Assessment of eDNA for monitoring fish and shrimp diversity and distribution in Hong Kong’s western waters: comparison with trawling

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In this proposal, we aim to streamline an eDNA metabarcoding protocol for monitoring fish and decapod fauna in Hong Kong’s western waters with high sediment load that complicates water filtration and eDNA extraction. We will determine the knowledge gap in DNA sequencing database for fishes and decapods that have been recorded from Hong Kong; enrich this database by collecting samples and conducting DNA sequencing; optimize water sample volume and number of replicate samples required to detect the common fish and decapod species; conduct eDNA metabarcoding coupled with high-throughput sequencing and conventional trawling surveys simultaneously and compare the efficacy of the two approaches in detecting the diversity, and distribution, as well as the seasonality of fishes and decapods. Overall, our study will provide valuable empirical data for assessing the applicability of the eDNA approach in biomonitoring in Hong Kong’s subtropical waters.
Effective start/end date1/07/2330/06/25


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