Applicability of eDNA metabarcoding in fish community monitoring: Case study in Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park

  • 邱建文, Jianwen (PI)
  • IP, Chi Ho (CoI)
  • Chan, Lai, Leo (External CoI)
  • Lai, Chi Shing, Vincent (External CoI)

Project: Research project

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eDNA metabarcoding has been proposed as a powerful tool in biological conservation, but its applicability to a specific group of organisms or a specific environment requires empirical studies to optimize the protocol. Here we will determine the gap in DNA sequencing database for fishes that have been recorded from Hoi Ha Wan; enrich this database by collecting samples and conducting DNA sequencing; conduct eDNA sequencing and traditional surveys simultaneously and compare the efficacy of the two approaches in detecting fish; for the eDNA approach, we will explore the number of samples required to detect the common species and the influence of day/night on eDNA data; apply eDNA approach to compare fish fauna in different habitats (i.e., coral, mangrove, rocky shore), as well as inside and outside the marine park. Overall, our study will provide valuable data to enhance biomonitoring of local marine parks.
Effective start/end date1/09/2331/08/25


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