An Investigation on the Contextualization of Mental Health, and Coping Resources of Chinese College Students in the Post-pandemic Era: Cross-city Comparison among Hong Kong, London, Shanghai and Macau

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Leaving home studying in domestic or oversea universities are the majority of Chinesecollege students from Mainland (CCMS) choice for their tertiary education after Gaokao.The outbreak of the Covid-19, this life-threatening disease has become a vital source ofmental health issues globally. The psychological outcome of the pandemic on CCMS andtheir coping strategies have been well documented; nevertheless, previous studies onlyfocused on the darkness of mental health, and lack of Covid-19- burnout. Moreover, thebuffer functions of family happiness and quality family communication were ignored inprior literature. This cross-city comparison study aims to compare the mental health andcoping resources of Chinese college students studying in London, Hong Kong, Macauand Shanghai. The contextualization of mental health and coping resources will beinvestigated as well. Online survey, including 21-item Depression, Anxiety and StressScale (DASS), 8-item Flouring Scale, 5-item the COVID-19 Burnout Frequency Scale,14-item Resilience Scale, 4-item Family Psychological Happiness, and 6-item FamilyCommunication Quality will be administered to 150 Chinese students studying at HongKong, Macau, Shanghai and London respectively, each cohort of students will be invitedby research partners simultaneously. The implications for mental service will bediscussed as well.
Effective start/end date1/12/221/12/23


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