A Research on the Qing Ci Manuscripts 清詞稿本硏究

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    The Ci poetry has undergone great revival and appeared in various features in the Qing dynasty. Owing to its short distance from the modern years, a lot of manuscripts of Qing Ci poetry have been well conserved There are more than 100 volumes of manuscripts by different authors which were seldom researched by the researchers before. This project will be developed in the following ways: firstly, it will make comparison and contrast of the manuscripts and the printed copies, finding the changes in the writers’ creating ideas; secondly, it will analyze the original texts and rethink the fixed literary conclusions; thirdly, it will find out the features of the group activities of the ci writers through the comments and prefaces on the manuscripts; fourthly, it will discuss the theoretical topics according to the records on the manuscripts; finally, it will re-evaluate the values of the individual writers including the women ci writers’ writing activities. The significance of the research is that it will explore the moving features of the texts, discussing its given ways of production and conservation, in order to provide new angles for ci research. To reach this goal, this project will adopt the methodology of philology, literature history and culture history.
    Effective start/end date1/01/1930/06/23


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