A Cross-National Study of Climate Change Adaptation: Perceptions, Measures, and Contestations in France, Mainland China and Hong Kong

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Climate change adaptation is vital for a region to be resilient to environmental risks and to achieve sustainable development. This project proposes a multilevel and context-dependent framework based on social-ecological-technological systems (SETS) to examine how multiple social actors—including the government, NGOs, the business sector, and the public—engage in climate change adaptation in France, mainland China, and Hong Kong. The aim is to identify the socio-political, ecological, technological, and informational factors that contribute to climate adaptation and smart and resilient cities cross-temporally and cross-regionally, and to develop perceptually and behaviorally realistic interventions that help the public cope with the risks of climate change and promote their well-being and health in France, mainland China, and Hong Kong.
StatusNot started
Effective start/end date1/10/2431/10/24


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