2022-2023 Thomistic Institute Hong Kong Series – How to Win Friends and Influence Others: Living Meaningfully Today

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"The Thomistic Institute at the Angelicum exists to foster theological research rooted in the thought of Saint Thomas Aquinas. It aims at promoting fruitful engagement with other philosophical and theological thoughts, as well as contemporary sciences.

Many contemporary young people report feeling more distant than ever from each other and real life. This series brings together top scholars who propose that classical philosophical or theological insights on these topics can help us understand ourselves, our friends, or the world better; help us form meaningful, deep friendships with those around us; and, overall, help us live better lives.

The talk series is open to the general public, but undergraduate and graduate students are particularly welcome to attend. This Online Series is co-sponsored with the Centre for Sino-Christian Studies at the Hong Kong Baptist University and the Centre for Catholic Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong."
Effective start/end date1/04/2130/05/22


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