Prize: Award


Every year since 2016, the MA/IN prize has assigned to the best electroacoustic music and intermedia art works. The selection panel consists of renowned and young talented artists. This year, it included Sungji Hong, Luigi Ceccarelli, Nicolas Bernier, Daniela Terranova, Michelangelo Lupone, James Dashow, Elsa Justel, Marcin Stańczyk, MDI ensemble and LOXOS~ (Giulio Colangelo, Cesare Saldicco, Vittorio Montalti). The festival showcasing the awardees takes place annually between September and November in South Italy (Castrignano de Greci, Lecce, Potenza and Matera) with more than 20 concerts planned. The works selected by «call4works» are performed/exhibited in the festival venues, included in the official MA/IN program and shared with partner festivals.
Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsItalian Ministry of Culture