GE Teaching Award (Early Career)

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Established under the President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Teaching, the General Education (GE) Teaching Award aims at recognizing individual academic/teaching colleagues’ outstanding performance and devotion to the teaching of GE courses. The GE Teaching award comprises a monetary prize of HK$5,000 and an Award Certificate of recognition. The award recipients will be automatically nominated for the President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Teaching with other candidates of the year.

Ms. Fong currently teaches a GE Capstone course, GCAP3215 Art and the Community, which aims at addressing diverse social issues, community problems and global discourse through artistic and design practices.

The Panel commended Ms. Fong for her personalised pedagogical approach, which emphasised the principles of discovery, action, and reflection. This approach enabled students to develop a comprehensive understanding of the transformative power of visual arts practices in creating social change, fostering interpersonal skills, developing leadership qualities, and promoting active citizenship. By providing hands-on experiences, Ms. Fong effectively bridged the gap between theory and practice, allowing students to apply their knowledge in real-world contexts. The Panel appreciated that this practical approach not only enhanced the students’ learning experience but also maximised the pedagogical effectiveness of the course.

Furthermore, the Panel recognised Ms. Fong’s commitment to sustainability in the art community. Through her successful application of various types of funding and her facilitation of collaboration with art organisations, students not only had valuable networking opportunities to co-organise exhibitions and workshops with external bodies, but also had the chances to showcase their work to a wider audience, both online and offline. The Panel appraised that this approach effectively enhanced social impact by raising public awareness in a sustainable manner.

With her outstanding performance in GE teaching and dedication to meaningful community engagement, the Panel recommended Ms. Fong to receive the GE Teaching Award (Early Career) to honour her teaching excellence.
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