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Prof Wang graduated from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology in 1978. Before coming to Hong Kong, Prof Wang was Head of the Research Laboratory of Otolaryngology and Supervisor of postgraduate students at Henan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as Vice-Chairman of China TCM Association's Professional Commission of Otolaryngology of Chinese Medicine, member of Chinese Medicine Practitioners' Research Commission of China TCM Association, and Chairman of Commission of Otolaryngology of Henan Province. He is one of the ten winners of the gold medal awards of the first "A Hundred Young Chinese Medicine Practitioners" jointly organized by the China Youth Union and China TCM Association. He has issued over 10 publications and 60 papers and has won two medals of the third prize of the Scientific and Technological Progress Award at the Provincial and Ministerial levels. He excels in curing chronic and acute throat diseases, hearing impairment, rhinoantritis, tunica mucosa oris diseases and ophthalmocace.