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Mr Pan Tiancheng is currently Associate Professor of Practice, Clinical Department, School of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong Baptist University.    In 1991, Mr Pan obtained a bachelor's degree in acupuncture and moxibustion from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine.  Before coming to Hong Kong, he was a resident physician, attending physician and deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine.  He has been in clinical and research for 17 years.  After coming to Hong Kong, he worked in the clinical and teaching work at Yan Chai Hospital and Hong Kong Baptist University Chinese Medicine Clinical and Research Center for 7 years.  In the early years, Mr Pan Tiancheng had high interest the theoretical system of meridians and acupoints.  He deeply felt that the root of traditional Chinese medicine was the ancient Chinese culture.  He carefully studied the theory of the ancients, including the ancient river map theory, the Yijing truth, and also combined study in the Treatise on Exogenous Febrile Disease with yin and yang.  Later, Mr Pan realized that all the diseases are caused by the imbalance of yin and yang of human blood and viscera. He realized that there is a precise correspondence between the lifting and lowering of traditional Chinese medicine with the operation of human qi and blood, which has great benefits for fully adjusting the balance of yin and yang in the human body.  Mr Pan has an all-rounded study of the anatomy, physiology and pathology knowledge of modern medicine. He also has further scientific understanding of the application of yin and yang theory, and how it has the function of supplementing and regulating chronic diseases of modern urban people such as hypertension, diabetes and mental depression.  Professional research scope: the application of acupuncture points, floating needle therapy, acupuncture plus Chinese medicine or increasing yang therapy to treat diseases. Researching types of treatments: Cough cervical spondylosis, coronary heart disease, eczema and acid reflux. 


香港浸會大學中醫藥學院臨床部中醫臨床副教授。  1991年於廣州中醫藥大學針灸系獲取學士學位。來港前曾為廣東省中西醫结合醫院住院醫師、主治醫師、副主任中醫師,臨床及研究工作共17年。來港後,曾在仁濟醫院暨香港浸會大學中醫診所及臨床教研中心(下葵涌)從事臨床、帶教工作7年。  潘田成早年浸潤於經絡、穴位的理論體系之中,深深感受到中醫的根源緣於古老的中國文化,遂將古人的河圖理論、易經道理,結合傷寒論、陰陽扶陽理論進行細心的研讀。  及後明白到所有疾病都是人體氣血、臟腑的陰陽不平衡所導致的,體會到中藥的升降浮沉與人體氣血運行存在精準的對應關係,對充分調整人體的陰陽平衡有著巨大的裨益。  對照現代醫學的解剖、生理、病理知識,對陰陽理論的應用有進一步科學的理解,對高血壓、糖尿病、精神抑鬱等,現代都市人損耗性疾病有補充、調節的作用。  專業研究範圍︰應用針灸穴位、浮針療法、針灸加中藥或單獨應用中藥之扶陽療法治療疾病。治療研究較多的病種有︰咳嗽病、頸椎病、冠心病、濕疹、胃酸倒流病。