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Prof Zhang has obtained his doctorate of Acupuncture and CM Traumatology. He was the director of clinical research (acupuncture), professor in acupuncture, tutor of postgraduate students of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine and vice president of The World Manipulative Medicine Association.  He has engaged in clinical practice of acupuncture treatment for encephalopathic diseases and the traditional reinforcing-reducing manipulations of acupuncture for over 25 years. Instructed by renowned Acupuncture expert Professor Jin Rui for "Jin San Zhen" and Professor Zheng Kuishan, he excels in healing stroke, insomnia, depression, neuropathy, pediatric diseases such as cerebral palsy, speech & language impairment, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and children autism, as well as utilizing integrated treatment of acupuncture and massage manipulation to heal cervical and lumbar vertebrae diseases, back and leg pain, rheumatism diseases and other pain symptoms.  Prof Zhang has also published over 20 academic papers, edited over 10 publications, such as “Acupuncture Therapy” 《針灸治療學》, “Spinal Diseases”《脊柱相關疾病》, “Cerebrovascular Disease”《腦血管病》and “Sub-Health” 《亞健康疾病》, and chaired 6 research projects. 


香港浸會大學中醫藥學院臨床部中醫臨床教授。針灸推拿學博士,來港履新前任廣州中醫藥大學針灸臨床教研室主任、中醫針灸學教授及碩士研究生導師,並分別於鄭氏針法研究會擔任常務理事及於世界手法醫學聯合會出任副主席。  張教授從事中醫的醫療、教學及科學研究工作近三十年,以針灸治療腦源性疾病、傳統針刺補瀉手法的臨床研究工作。專業研究範圍包括運用針刺補瀉手法治療中風偏癱、痛症、心身疾病及兒童腦病等。  先後發表學術論文二十餘篇,主編或參編《針灸治療學》、《脊柱相關疾病》、《腦血管病》、《亞健康疾病》、《微針療法》等專著十餘部。