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Dr. Kwok Siu Sze is currently Assistant Lecturer, Clinical Division at the School of Chinese Medicine, HKBU.  Dr. Kwok graduated from Zhejiang Chinese Medical University and obtained a bachelor degree in Chinese medicine and a doctoral degree in Gynecology of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2019 and 2021 respectively. Besides, she earned a master’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences in Chinese medicine from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2011. Instructed by renowned gynecology specialist Professor Zhang Qin, Dr. Kwok’s research focus mainly includes the following gynecology diseases: infertility, recurrent miscarriage, irregular menstruation and pelvic inflammatory disease and so on. Dr. Kwok has published some academic papers in the National Annual Meeting of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Gynecology, the Yangtze River Delta Gynecology School Innovation Academic Conference, and the Academic Annual Meeting of the Gynecology Branch of the Zhejiang Chinese Medicine Association.  


香港浸會大學中醫藥學院臨床部助理講師。  師承何氏婦科第五代傳承人章勤教授,2019年畢業於浙江中醫藥大學,取得中醫學學士學位,於2021年獲得中醫婦科學醫學博士學位,及於2011年取得香港浸會大學中藥學碩士學位。專業研究方向為婦產科疾病包括不孕不育、複發性流產、月經不調及盆腔炎等,並曾於全國中醫婦科年會、長三角婦科流派創新學術大會,浙江省中醫藥學會婦科分會學術年會發表多篇論文。