Comparative Governance and Policy Research Centre

  • Postal address

    AAB 1108, 11/F, Academic & Administration Building, Baptist University Road Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon,

    Hong Kong

Organization Profile

The Comparative Governance and Policy Research Centre (CGPC) was established in June 2009. It is an academic consortia centre located in the Department of Government and International Studies (GIS), Hong Kong Baptist University. It provides a platform with which the academic members of the GIS Department and their affiliated colleagues could work on research and consultancy. CGPC composes of research projects led by its members, all of whom solicit and obtain their respective project funding on their own initiative. In addition, the Centre enables and enhances cooperation in research and consultancy within Hong Kong Baptist University and also in the wider community. With the establishment of the CGPC, the GIS Department is in a strong position to compete for government and non-government policy research.

CGPC puts forward a four-pronged action plan - media exposures, consultancy, outreach and networking, and creation of a CGPC community among scholars and students-synergized to advance the Centre's profile in line with its Objectives to promote better governance by: 1) Providing an institutional, organisational and managerial platform for policy related international comparative research and for the dissemination of research results; 2) Promoting comparative policy research of global significance, with a special focus on policy of EU-Asian significance; 3) Promoting international comparative research methods; Educating internationally oriented best-practice (quality assurance) and benchmarking (metrics of evaluation) policy research; and 4) Seeing international, governmental, academic, community, and business partners to support, promote, and employ programmatic research into public perceptions of and participation in public policy formulation, evaluation and reform.