HKBU InnoCarnival 2023 | The Battle of Hong Kong 1941



    Innovator: Dr Kwong Chi Man, Associate Professor, Department of History 歷史系副教授鄺智文博士

    The spatial history project “Battle of Hong Kong 1941” is led by Dr Kwong Chi Man, and his research team. Collecting first-hand data from the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, Australia, and other places, and using geographic information systems (GIS) to build a web map about the Battle of Hong Kong and a database of British military installations in Hong Kong during the Second World War. It offers an easy-to-use historical database for educators, tourists, and conservation professionals. 「1941年香港戰役空間史研究」為鄺智文博士和研究團隊從英、美、日、澳等地蒐集一手資料的研究成果。旨在運用地理資訊系統(GIS),建立關於香港戰役的網上地圖以及二戰英軍在港軍事設施的資料庫,為教育、保育,和旅遊工作者以及其他對歷史有興趣的人提供容易使用的歷史資料庫。

    Period27 Oct 2023

    Media coverage


    Media coverage

    • TitleHKBU InnoCarnival 2023 | The Battle of Hong Kong 1941
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