Uncovering and Curating the Second World War Heritage in Hong Kong using Geospatial Technologies: Experiences and Lessons

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Hong Kong witnessed intense fighting, brutal occupation, and aerial bombing from 1941 to 1945 during the Second World War. While this part of history is not unknown, and the war-related relics have received more official and public attention in the past decade, the commemoration of the war privileged frontline actions of the experiences of certain groups, thereby missing the diversity of wartime experiences. This article assesses the use of digital humanities methods, including spatial history and geospatial technologies, to uncover, interpret, and curate military heritage sites related to the history of Hong Kong during the Second World War. Based on the research team’s experience in creating interactive digital platforms based on the combination of archival research, fieldwork, and geospatial technologies, this article argues that such platforms are useful in uncovering the often-overlooked aspects of the war and the people’s experience that can lead to deeper understandings of the war’s impact on Hong Kong and its people and a more inclusive way to approach the wartime experience and the related heritages. Such an approach also helps expand the understanding of the Second World War as a “total war experience” in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia.
Period5 May 2023
Event title12th Spring History Symposium
Event typeConference
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