The thrill is gone: Practitioner views of creativity in Hong Kong’s advertising industry

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The Hong Kong advertising industry appears to have lost its creative spark. Where it was once viewed as a creative hub in the region, Hong Kong’s leading edge has diminished. Socio-economic factors as well as the pressure that digitization has brought to bear on the industry - to work harder, better, faster, and be stronger - appear to have sapped its creative energy and drive. Through a series of depth interviews with 21 senior advertising and media professionals, this research
explores the role and value of creativity in Hong Kong’s contemporary advertising
practice. While focusing on a single market, the study also provides insights into the future of creativity in the face of the digitization of advertising, communication, and audience
engagement globally.

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Period29 Jun 20231 Jul 2023
Held atInternational Conference on Research in Advertising (ICORIA), France
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  • advertising creativity
  • digitalization
  • industry development