The nexus between trust, transparency and Covid 19 management and vaccination: Evidence from the European Union

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    The workshop will engage speakers in a transdisciplinary and transnational dialogue on the nexus between trust, transparency and Covid-19 management, with a particular focus on the vaccination strategies adopted by governments and their varying success. Our cases of interest span Europe and Asia. By comparing within and between these vast regions, we hope to gain a sharpened insight into what went right - and wrong - in Covid-19 management, and how these lessons may be applied to future pandemics. In terms of transdisciplinarity, the questions raised by Covid-19 are germane to the medical and the social sciences. From an International Relations perspective, Covid-19 gets to the heart of what comprises a common good – the global commons. From a public policy perspective, Covid-19 is the wicked policy
    problem par excellence, requiring inter-agency collaboration. From a comparative politics perspective, Covid-19 provides a vast living dataset to engage in multi-level comparisons and real-time experiments. In the medical research field, the pandemic has provided advancements in medical science that would not have been possible without access to a living laboratory. The huge advances in medical science, especially in relation to vaccines, have themselves been filtered by societal variables such as trust and transparency, or risk and resilience. These are the themes addressed by the workshop, hosted by HKBU’s Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, the only enterprise of its kind in Hong Kong.

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    Period24 May 2024
    Event titleThe Nexus between Trust, Transparency and Covid 19 Management and Vaccination: Evidence from the Europe and Asia
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