Re-envisioning Myriad Happenings: Through Digital Lens

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“Re-Envisioning Myriad Happenings: Through Digital Lens” at Hong Kong Baptist University, as the Hong Kong section of the 2023 Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Digital Design Exhibition, attempts to offer a new perspective and a possible solution for the growing tension and dilemma between technological advancement and the concerns about the natural environment and human cognition, emotion, and interaction. It aims at exploring how the use of or inspiration from digital technology could have expanded or changed out vision of myriad happenings in the world. The exhibition features the works of art created by eight Hong Kong-based artists from diverse cultural and training backgrounds. The exhibited creative works involve various digital technologies, e.g., AI technology, 3D scanning and printing, big data, and different forms of art, including painting, printmaking, sculpture, video art, music, community art, etc. The exhibition consists of two sections: Section one "Contemplating Nature: Plants, Bodies, Ocean" and section two "Collecting Memories: London Fish Market and Wan Chai Hong Kong." The subjects range from the orchids’ roots from a diagrammatological micro-perspective to the stone imagery shaped from the datasets of our everyday lives, from the forms of tears to the distorted female bodies, and from the many lives of a momentary seascape in New Zealand to the personal and collective memories of urban life in London Fish Market and Wan Chai of Hong Kong.

My artwork titled Mimicking Venus comprised of a performance video and sculptural installations was recreated and re-organized for this exhibition. I re-examined and recreated the idealised female body of Venus by measuring my own body with a low-tech pointing machine based on one that was first developed in 1751 by the French sculptor Nicolas-Marie Gatteaux. In the performance video, I mimicked the pose of the Roman goddess of love and beauty Venus in the pointing machine. As a result of the performance, I produced a group of 3D-printed sculptures that represent distorted and abnormal female bodies.
Period27 Apr 202328 Jun 2023
Event title2023 Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Digital Design Exhibition (Hong Kong Section): Re-envisioning Myriad Happenings: Through Digital Lens
Event typeExhibition
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  • Media art
  • Digital art
  • performance video
  • sculpture
  • female body
  • media archaeology
  • 3D printed sculpture