Innovator Farm 2.0

Activity: Consultancy


Supported by the SIE Fund, I.F. Program 1.0 aims to incubate and nurture youths to develop innovative ideas and creative solutions and turn them into social innovation projects. In the last 2 years, the profound achievement of I.F. Program 1.0 has nurtured 500 young people to equip them with the necessary understanding, skills and knowledge as social innovators. 50 projects were granted, including both prototype and start-up, with a total funding amount of over HK$16M from SIE Fund and different funding sources to implement their projects with the support of I.F. incubation program by bridging different resources and networks to create high and extensive social impacts to serve for the people who are in need.

In order to continue promoting social entrepreneurship development and city transformation for societal betterment, FSES would need to invite like-minded expertise from different sectors to contribute their knowledge, experience and networks to oversee, give advice and/or guidance on the strategic direction of I.F. Program 2.0. The roles & responsibilities of a Governance Committee Member include but not limited to:

Support the funding approval process as an independent judge for the proposed projects

Give talks or sharing on your expertise area with our service users and/or grantee

Refer resources networks to our service users and/or grantee, if any

No more than 2 times of governance committee meetings/year in regards to giving insights and advice to FSES

The term of service is no more than 3 years, the estimated period is from 2023-2025
Work forInnovator Farm 2.0, Fullness Social Enterprises Society, Hong Kong