Global Sinophonia Series 1-9

Activity: Conference/talk/lecture/symposium/speech/workshop, etcEvent organized by HKBU


1. 28-Oct-22
Dr. Alberto GEROSA
THY LAB: 9-Years Performative Free Cinema Theatre inside a Sham Shui Po Rooftop Slum

2. 18-Nov-22
Dr. Grace Yan-yan Mak (Producer), Film Director Graig McCoury
Screening "Hong Kong 1942" Sharing "Five Guys who made a Hong Kong historical drama movie"

3. 25-Nov-22
Kate Reilly and LEUNG Min-kai both Film Directors
Screening of "Memories to chock on, Drinks to wash them down: Sharing by Kate Reilly and LEUNG Min-kai both Film Directors

4. 1-Dec-22
Dr. Erin Y HUANG Islanding: Ocean Media and the Aesthetics of Desertedness in the South China Sea

5. 2-Dec-22
Prof. Charlie Yi ZHANG: Love with an Unspeakable Name: The Exceptional Danmei world as the Escape Route

6. 8-Mar-23
Mr. SZE Yeung Ping: Screening: The Shaolin Temple, Sharing: The Making of Shaolin Temple and Jet LI; sharing with Mr. SZE Yeung Ping

7. 20-Mar-23
Director YIM Ho and Prof. CHING May Bo: Screening of Homecoming, Sharing with Director YIM Ho and Prof. CHING May Bo

8. 19-Apr-23
Director Jun LI: Screening of Cageman, Sharing with Director Jun LI

9. 26-Apr-23
Prof. Louisa Wei: Screening of A Life in Six Chapters, Sharing with Prof. Louisa Wei

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PeriodOct 2022Apr 2023
Held atAcademy of Film
Degree of RecognitionInternational