From Netflix to iQiyi: As the World Turns, Serial Dramas in Virtual Circulation

Activity: Conference/talk/lecture/symposium/speech/workshop, etcEvent organized by non-HKBU units


This talk discusses the interplay between serial dramas and streaming services in China and the US, the two leading countries in content-production and circulation in the era of non-linear, non-synchronized, and subscription-based online consumption characterized by “binge” in an instantaneous and globalized streaming ecosystem. It examines the rise of miniseries as one of the dominant programming for online streaming. Professor Ying Zhu examines the extent to which the new consumption model affects the standing of miniseries in the cultural hierarchy. She will further examine how transnational streaming services such as Netflix negotiate with local barriers for global entrance and expansion. The transnational circulation of Netflix show 'House of Cards' in the era of border-crossing virtual streaming will be singled out for analysis.
PeriodNov 2021
Held atSOAS University of London, United Kingdom