“Encounter” Presents: Busking 2Gather with SoulJase

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    Encounter的活動陸續有來,驚喜一浪接一浪。這次我們有香港男歌手、組合C AllStar成員之一,亦為演員、食評家、作家、編劇及導演的#SoulJase 來到BU,和大家#busking🎤

    Surprise! We are excited to have SoulJase* join us on Friday for a busking in HKBU!
    Let’s seize this precious opportunity to speak with him in person!

    Date: 17 Feb 2023(Fri)
    Time: 12:00-13:30
    Venue, Podium, Level 3 AAB
    Period17 Feb 2023

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