Developing a Board Game: Tests 1 to when?

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In this Game Kitchen next week, we invite Johnathan Harrington. He is a game researcher and practitioner based in Hong Kong. He researches board games, player communities and design, as well as play in social urban contexts. He also works on board games, especially in development and production scopes. He is currently based at the English Department at Hong Kong Baptist University.

Board Games are going through a new renaissance. Lockdowns, ease of access, as well as the search for meaningful social meetings have all led to their rise in popularity. As more people play board games, more and more people try their hands at designing them – however, getting a board game right takes time and practice!

We will look at different strategies for development tests for board games – from internal A/B tests to blind playthroughs, we will briefly cover what each testing method achieves, when to run each test, and how to ensure you get the best out of each play.
Period3 Nov 2022
Held atGoethe Institut, Germany
Degree of RecognitionNational

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  • board games
  • game research
  • community studies