Consolidating Online Academic Skills Materials into Learning Pathways for Guided Self-Study

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Although the University’s new 4-year curriculum has adopted academic English for the core English Language curriculum, students often find it difficult to absorb the linguistic skills required to participate in an academic environment. They have difficulties in understanding technical vocabulary, writing in an academic style and conforming to academic style conventions (Evans & Morrison, 2011). While it is imperative for students to become proficient in academic English, they experience difficulties in identifying their own academic writing problems which they could then break into manageable study steps as well as determining useful materials to address their problems. Therefore, we created academic skills learning pathways on Organization of Ideas and Coherence, In-text Citations and Referencing Skills, Commonly Used Vocabulary and Academic Writing Style, Grammatical Accuracy and Range of Grammatical Structures and Content (i.e. writing an academic essay, a literature review, etc.) that enabled students to receive individual guidance while lecturers helped assess and classify their problems and set a plan for each student to have independent supported study using the developed pathways. Lecturers designed self-study micro-syllabi based on students’ individual needs and encouraged self-paced learning. The pathways are available in an online format that allows students to learn relevant topics at their own pace and according to their needs, and this fosters autonomy in language learning.

Period20 Jul 2019
Held atInternational Conference on Open Learning and Education Technologies
Degree of RecognitionInternational