“Born after 97': Exploring the Potentials in Collaborative Writing Amid Uncertainty”

    Activity: Conference/talk/lecture/symposium/speech/workshop, etcEvent organized by HKBU


    "Born After 1997" is the seventh book in the “Writing • Mother” initiative. The project, centered on collaborative writing as a catalyst for the convergence of diverse minds and lives, delves into comprehending situations and fostering responsible action. Our prime objective is to discover narrative-driven and alternative critical methods to challenge the dominant socio-political practices, with a particular emphasis on navigating familial dynamics between different social strata. “Writing • Mother” is committed to delivering at least one writing output every year.

    The lecture discussed the project’s distinctive working methods, covering the continuous dialogues and discussions that involved subsequent reorganization and editing. This collaborative writing approach facilitates exchanges among individuals with diverse backgrounds, documenting the collective process without generating conflicts.

    The lecture also engageed with some key issues discussed in the book, some specific to the youth of mainland China and others of a more universal nature. Questions such as the critique of exam-based education, the viability of forging the self beyond work, and the paradoxical impact of access to truth on empowerment will be addressed. The exploration extends to the intertwined roles of victim and perpetrator and the interplay between one's reflective personal history and the efficacy of engagement in public life.

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    Period23 Jan 2024
    Degree of RecognitionRegional